TaeYang's Eyes, Nose, Lips - Japanese Version


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Actor Lee MinKi & Yeo JinGoo said : “We listen to TaeYang’s whole album these days. We bought the physical album too”

MC : Do you want to get your album autographed by TaeYang ? Lee MinKi & Yeo JinGoo : *gives albums to MC* *happy*

video upload by YBMania

translation by ShrimpLJY

140806 Taeyang’s Instagram Update!"My 1st debut in japan #RISE #0813 #SOL"

140809 Taeyang’s Instagram update!”With my band for “RISE” tour @gilsmithii @theapfactor @seanchopzwright @jcleve92 @delvynbrumfield @maddienoinsta”

140809 Taeyang on FM Yokohama Radio Hits RadioSource: Radio Hits Radio

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