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Taeyang : Good job!
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Taeyang (SOL) will make a live appearance on NICONICO  for the first time on July 22, 21:30 JST.  He will comment on the tracks in his new album RISE [+SOLAR & HOT] and will talk about his solo tour to be held in August.  Follow @YGEXStaff  on twitter and tweet a message to them with hashtag #BIGBANG, #DearSOL and your message may be introduced during the show.
Show will be streamed here
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[140724] taeYang mentioned on Mnet’s “Dirty Talk”

Dirty Talk is a program where panelists answer and discuss questions and topics posted by netizens on their official page. In this episode, panelists are discussing the use of MR on music programs. [MR=”music recorded”=backing track to the live vocals for the performance]

A translation:

Kim Gura: (Now for) Taeyang… “Eyes, Nose Lips”
Yoo Se Yoon: (parodies singing)

Cut of Taeyang performing on MCountdown

Lee Sang Min: Isn’t this MR entirely? Except the chorus part?
Yoo Se Yoon: It sounds like it.
Moon Hee Joon: I tried to highlight the chorus part.
Reporter: He doesn’t dance at all in this song though.
Yoo Se Yoon: [imitating MV - sings] Your eyes, nose and lips…
Kim Gu Ra: Let’s reveal the truth! Bring the lyrics board out!
Lee Sang Min: Wow! Lyrics board! Meaning, it will be checked word by word!
Kim Gu Ra: Oh!
Lee Sang Min: What is it?
Kim Gu Ra: Here we go. Tae Yang’s “Eyes Nose Lips”!
Moon Hee Joon: I think I got it right!
Kim Gu Ra: Is that so? 100 points?
Moon Hee Joon: Look!
Kim Gu Ra: He sings live pretty much entire song except the chorus part! Wow Moon Hee Joon Ssi! You are amazing! You just missed out 3 words! How did you do that?
Moon Hee Joon: I have good ears. I found some ‘doubling’ parts in chorus. Doubling can be helpful when he is using Falsetto in chorus.
Kim Gu Ra: Let’s all listen to the MR CD. As you can see this CD cover, he is shirtless.

—MR playing—
Some highlights from comments from Netizens when MR was played.
-Taeyang is sacred
-Where is the voice?
-Is this an instrumental music?
-Taeyang never let us down.
-Taeyang Jjang!
-Taeyang ends the game!

All: Wow, this is amazing.
Moon Hee Joon: Wow~ I like the last verse. The lyrics, “I will call you a memory”…

Translation by lolliandpurple for alwaystaeyang.wordpress.comPlease credit in full when taking out. Thanks to 베티핑끄 for the upload!


a fan captured a cute pic of G-Dragon & TaeYang sleeping in an airplane
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